Over. Above. Beyond.
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It is a rare privilege

when one is able to attend a live performance of a gifted pianists like Jeeyoon. The quality of her performance showed a wonderfully developed artist who seems to grow with each performance.
In addition she embraces her audience. She has a very inclusive attitude of wanting her audience to be a part of her journey as a pianist. She respects and acknowledges her audience and she wants them to become personally involved in her piano journey. I find this a rare quality not seen in many artists. I look forward to attending future performances as she takes her audience to new piano adventures,
-Jeanie Kashima


Jeeyoon Kim truly is..

OVER ABOVE and BEYOND in this concert. Having seen her do a live concert once before, I can say she is even more present within her music. In this performance I see her embody in an ever greater way the spirit of the music. She invites the listener on a journey with her into the beauty and the magic of the music. She does this with her sweet personal touch and with deep heart and soul. It was a very uplifting experience for me. I feel fortunate and blessed to have been a part of her journey.”
-Fred Laskowski



Thank you for your marvelous Over, Above, and Beyond concert at Scripps Research Auditorium on Dec 10, 2018.

The music was soaring and I thoroughly enjoyed the total experience. Highlighting each of her music selection with the illustrations by Moon Sub Shin added to the depth of the overall experience and enabled me to see and appreciate each of the selections more completely. I also very much enjoyed the video that Jeeyoon played at the start of the concert, it helped to set the mood for what followed. Her comments before each musical selection helped me to understand why the piece was special to you and I especially enjoyed your playing of the third movement of Moonlight Sonata, powerful!

Thank you again for a superb concert.

Michael Farese



"Jeeyoon Kim produced a mesmerizing concert of virtuoso musicianship on the piano as well as poignant commentary and gorgeous paintings by a New York artist. We were transformed by the many moods of her pieces. As promised Jeeyoon took us on a wondrous journey. I highly recommend her new CD, Above, Over and Beyond".

Vincentia Schroeter, Ph.D.